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Materials Services

When are Testing Services Needed?

     Materials testing may be provided during any phase of a project, but the majority of materials testing services are performed during the construction phase, and they include laboratory tests. field tests, and monitoring. These materials testing services are performed to:
  • Evaluate the suitability of materials for specific uses.
  • Determine whether materials comply with project specifications.
  • Monitor construction procedures and materials for consistency and uniformity.
     These services are part of the quality assurance / quality control (QAIQC) of a project and are performed to reduce risk associated with poor materials and construction practices and provide reasonable engineering assurance to the owner that materials and construction complied with project specifications and good construction practices. Materials, areas, and procedures commonly tested, evaluated, or monitored include:
  • Consistency of project specifications With regard to soils and materials
  • Site and subgrade preparation
  • Foundation excavations and conditions
  • Placement and compaction of fill and backfill
  • Imported and select materials, asphalt concrete, portland cement concrete, grout, mortar, and steel
     However, depending on the project, many other materials and procedures may require evaluation. Examples include geotextiles, welded and bolt connections, soil and material additives, soil and lime stabilization, foundation load capacity, and special geotechnical components such as reinforced earth and gabions.

     During construction, the testing firm's services provide reasonable engineering assurance that construction materials and procedures are in general accordance with plans and specifications. The test results, monitoring, and reports become part of the risk management program and allow approved project components to proceed on schedule. For larger projects, the materials testing firm should be included in the project team by either the design or pre-construction phase. For smaller projects, the testing firm is commonly selected after the bidding process. Conflicts of interest should be considered in selecting who the testing firm reports to. Generally, the testing firm is in the most independent position when contracted with the owner.
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